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Retkituli Wilderness Curly Birch Kuksa
EUR €120.00
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Beautiful hand made and burn engraved wooden kuksa made of curly birch (visakoivu).

Production time: Made to order. Please be prepared for up to two weeks of production time.

Kuksa care instructions:

1. Pour hot water (not boiling) in the kuksa. This will remove the salty taste of the kuksa and open the wood fibre.
2. Pour the water away and let it dry for at least two hours.
3. Put three teaspoons of warm, wet coffee grounds into your kuksa and rub them in with your fingers around the inside of the kuksa until the grounds are dry. This will leave the first layer of protective coffee fat in the fibres of your kuksa.
4. Pour out the coffee grounds and kuksa is ready for use.
5. Never wash your kuksa with any detergent. It will just remove all of the protective coffee fat and the wood will absorb the taste of the detergent. The kuksa is clean when it is inside shiny black inside!

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